Our mission is to provide you with the most exceptional service experience possible. With our state-of-the-art equipment and powerful cleaning agents, you will see a lasting enjoyment of clean, healthy, beautiful flooring.


As a homeowner, you know that cleaning your tile and the grout area between the tiles can be challenging. The dirty, dingy or stained grout lines between the tiles are very difficult to get clean on your own.  Normal mopping of a floor leaves dirty detergent residue in the grout lines. “BETTER CERAMIC TILE TO THE RESCUE!” We will provide the professional tools and dedication to get your tile cleaned. Our extraction tile and grout cleaning system incorporates heat, secret cleaning agents, vacuum and a high-pressure rinse to remove the dirt that homeowners cannot successfully achieve.

Grout Sealing Protection

When a ceramic tile floor is installed, it is not common for a grout sealer to be applied. Grout is porous, and if left unsealed, dirt, cooking oil, grease and detergent residue become embedded. Once it is embedded, it requires professional cleaning system to remove the dirt properly.After professional cleaning, Dave and his crew will apply an application of a Grout Sealer, which makes the grout lines easier to maintain between professional cleanings. We recommend you have Better Ceramic Tile clean your tile and grout every year. Better Ceramic Tile has been in business since 1990 serving the Central Valley. We guarantee all work and materials to be safe for use in your home. All materials are ECO friendly to the environment.